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Philosophy is the oldest, broadest and most fundamental body of inquiry. Some philosophical questions have to do with the understanding of ourselves and whatever else there may be. Others concern the nature of various forms of knowledge and experience. Still others concern ethical issues and problems of value. Philosophical training is useful in that it improves one’s ability to think clearly and to construct, analyze and criticize arguments of any kind. The study of philosophy is thus one of the most important elements in a good liberal education.

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Illinois has three core missions:

  • pursue scholarship across a range of key philosophical areas
  • contribute to the education of our undergraduates by offering a wide array of stimulating courses
  • train professional philosophers in a vibrant graduate program

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Illinois welcomes you to explore our website and come visit our classes and colloquia events to engage in the ongoing creation of what it means to be a Philosopher in this ever-changing world.