Philosophy Grad Student Travel Award

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All travel must be authorized and approved by the Graduate Program Committee. Travel should
always be arranged to further the students' career and serve the best interest of the University.

Students should use the most direct route and the most economical transportation, taking into consideration travel time, expense, absence from campus, and convenience. Students are reimbursed for authorized actual transportation expenses and other reasonable expenses incurred while on travel status, except food. These travel regulations apply to travel charged to all-fund sources including state, institutional, contract, grant, self-supporting, and gift funds.

Please complete the Philosophy Graduate Travel Awards Form (please make sure you check the cycle you are applying for) and after filling out the form, please place in Professor David Sussman's (chair of the Philosophy Grad Program) mailbox in 107 Greg Hall.

After completing the Philosophy Graduate Travel Awards form, please attach a conference program or the invitation that reflects your name as a presenter or moderator for the committee to review with the form.

If you are applying for a conference that you have already attended, receipts must accompany the graduate travel award form for the committee.

No student will be reimbursed more than a total amount of $1000 per academic year and only if
there is sufficient funds available in the departmental Student Travel Fund.

Note: Almost all student travel must be paid on a Student Account Payment Request Form. Please be aware that if the reimbursement is processed on a Student Account Payment Request Form the payment will pay against any outstanding balance you have on your student account. If you do not currently have an outstanding balance the payment will be directly deposited into the same account you have set up for your payroll deposit. You can view the flowchart regarding this policy at the Office of Business and Financial Services.