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Below is a list of all graduate students who have received a Ph.D. from our program since 1998, together with their current academic position. Please contact the placement director, Professor Shelley Weinberg, with any questions or corrections: Prospective graduate students may contact Professor Weinberg for more detailed information about placement. Information about retention and graduation may be found here.

Adam Bowen (2017)

Modeling Temporal Perception

Current Position: Ball State University (non-TT, continuing)

Eric Schaaf (2017)

Health and Great Health: Nietzsche on Overcoming Sickness

Current Position: Lincoln College (TT)

Kristin Seemuth Whaley (2017)

Immaterialist Solutions to Puzzles in Personal Ontology

Current Position: Graceland University, Lamoni (TT)

Jordan Bohall (2016)

Mathematics, Cognition, and You!

No Longer in the Profession

Eric Mack (2016)

Models of Propositional Content

No Longer in the Profession

Joseph Spino (2016)

Matters of Character

Current Position: University of Arkansas at Little Rock (TT)

Ian Hegger (2015)

Nothing to Disagree About: Aristotle, Newton, and the Existence of Void as Seen through a Kuhnian Lens

Current Position: Head, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Coastal Carolina Community College (Continuing Full Time Instructor)

Zachary Horne (2015)

Methodical Issues in Epistemology and Moral Psychology

Current Position: Arizona State University (Psychology) (TT)

Derek O'Connell (2014)

Heidegger's Authenticity

Current Position: Illinois State University (non-TT)

Christopher Hendricksen (2014)

An Analysis of the Grounding Relation

No longer in the Profession

James Jeffries (2014)

Being Out of Order: On Creativity and its Value

No longer in the profession

Ian Harmon (2014)

Epistemological Implications of Representational Pluralism

Current Position: West Virginia University (Scholarly Communications Librarian)

Dan Estrada (2014)

Rethinking Machines: Artificial Intelligence Beyond the Philosophy of Mind

Current Position: New Jersey Institute of Technology (non-TT)

Andrew Higgins (2013)

The Nature of Intuitions and their Role in Material Object Metaphysics

Current Position: Illinois State University (non-TT)

Blair Goodlin (2013)

Classical Logic and its Rivals

No longer in the profession

John Evers (2013)

Taking Berkeley Seriously

Iker Garcia (2013)

Object, Standpoint, and Partial Truth: Sartre, Heidegger, and Hegel on Consciousness, Human Being and the Absolute

Current Position: No longer in the profession

Justin Remhof (2013)

Nietzsche's Reconception of Science: Overcoming Nihilism

Current Position: Old Dominion University (TT)

Gregg Strauss (2013, JD/PhD)

Basic Rights and Disagreement: Is Persistent Disagreement About Basic Rights A Reason to Specify Rights By Democratic Procedures

Current Position: University of Virginia School of Law (TT)

Ingrid Albrecht (2012)

Love, Self-Constitution, and Practical Necessity

Current Position: Lawrence University (TT)

Kyle Broom (2012)

Explication, Similarity, and Analogy: A Defense and Application of Philosophical Method

No longer in the profession

Ty Fagan (2012)

Three Problems of Folk Psychology: Meaning, Character, and Domain

Current Position: Elmhurst College (non-TT)

Aaron Harper (2012)

Nietzsche on Value Creation

Current Position: West Liberty University (tenured)

Loren Zech (2011, MD/PhD)

Clarifying the Concept of Disease: How Science Determines the Biologically Normal from the Abnormal

Current Position: Georgetown University Hospital (resident)

Brendan Shea (2011)

Concepts of Law of Nature

Current Position: Rochester Community and Technical College (tenured)

J. Michael Scoville (2011)

Environmental Values, Animals, and the Ethical Life

Current Position: Eastern Michigan University (tenured)

Nathalie Morasch (2011)

Under What Conditions are Two Utterances Performances of the Same Word?

Current Position: Colorado State University, Fort Collins - Instructor (non-TT)

Todd Kukla (2011)

Kant’s Theory of Cognition: An Interpretation of the Argument of the Transcendental Deduction

Current Position: Illinois State University (non-TT)

Brandon Polite (2010)

A Correspondence Theory of Musical Representation

Current Position: Knox College (tenured)

Uwe Plebuch (2010)

No longer in the profession

Krista Thomason (2009)

Rethinking Shame

Current Position: Swarthmore College (tenured)

Lisa Kline (2009)

An Analysis and Rejection of Arguments for Religious Accommodation

No longer in the profession

Previously: University of Alberta (non-TT)

Matthew Rukgaber (2009)

Kant's Ontology: Reality and the Formal Structure of the First Person Perspective

Eric Dickson (2008)

The Liberalism-Communitarianism Debate: A Neo-Hegelian Aufhebung

No Longer in the Profession

David Bell (2007, MD/PhD)

Casuistry: Towards a More Complete Approach

Current Position: University of Arizona School of Medicine (non-TT)

Benjamin Bayer (2007)

Varieties of Naturalized Epistemology: Criticisms and Alternatives

Current Position: Fellow, Ayn Rand Institute

Mark Sargent (2007)

Risking Belief: A Bayesian Decision Theoretic Epistemology

Current Position: Los Angeles Trade Technical College (non-TT)

Matthew Klinsky (2007)

The Pathos of Distance: Dis-ease and Eudaimonia In Nietzsche’s Writings

Peter Asaro (2006)

On the Origins of the Synthetic Mind: Working Models, Mechanisms, and Simulations

Current Position: The New School (tenured)

Bradley Pace (2006)

Nature and Law in the Philosophy of Nicolas Malebranche

No longer in the profession

Mark Reid (2006)

Nature and Origin of Moral Agency in Mammalia

Sean Stidd (2006)

Intertheoretic Reference in Mathematics

Current Position: Wayne State University (non-TT)

Reggie Williams (2005)

Berkeley’s Master Argument: Its Form and Implications

Current Position: Bakersfield College (tenured)

Erica Neely (2005)

Competence, Expertise, and Linguistic Communities

Current Position: Ohio Northern University (tenured)

Jerry Barmore (2004)

Theology and Politics in Maimonides, Spinoza, Hegel, and Nietzsche

Matthew Olsen (2004)

Kantian Questions, Leibnizian Responses

Current Position: Millikin University, Staley Library (non-TT)

Eric Wampler (2004)

Objective Morality, Subjective Agents: Justice and Agent-Based Considerations in Self-Defense and War

No longer in the profession

M G Julia Simon (2003)

Self-Awareness and Self-Interpretation

No longer in the profession

Michael Monahan (2003)

A Theory of Racial Oppression and Liberation

Current Position: Marquette University (tenured)

Steven Zusman (2003, MA)

The Ethics of Humor

Current Position: Waubonsee Community College (tenured)

T. Storm Heter (2003)

Political Commitment: A Sartrian Civic Virtue

Current Position: East Stroudsburg University (tenured)

Benjamin Dykes (2003)

The Nature and Contemporary Use of Hegel's Logic

No longer in the profession

Joseph Thompson (2002)

Nietzsche as Philosopher of Religion

Taught at University of Alaska, Fairbanks (tenured)


Brian Allen (2002)

Payback: The Nature and Morality of Revenge

Reza Lahroodi (2001)

Psychology and Virtue Epistemology: Three Studies

Current Position: University of Northern Iowa (tenured)

Stephen Finlay (2001)

What Does Value Matter? The Interest-Relational Theory of the Semantics and Metaphysics of Value

Current Position: USC (tenured)

Laura Bernhardt (2001)

Current Position: Reference and Instruction Librarian at the University of Southern Indiana (TT)

Laura Roberts (2001)

Situated Objectivity: Ethical Judgment, Critique and Justification after Wittgenstein

No longer in the profession

Donald Moulds (2001)

The Morality of Familial Obligation

No longer in the profession

Craig Matarrese (2001)

Embracing Ethical Life: Hegel on Freedom, Solidarity and Law

Current Position: Minnesota State University, Mankato (tenured)

Lisa King (2001)

A Politics of the Everyday: Identity and Normalizing Power

Current Position: Edgewood College (tenured)

William Dickens (2000)

Eidos and Facticity in Husserl's Phenomenology of Judgment

No longer in the profession

Previously: Nicolet Area Technical College (non-TT)

Paul Hendrickson (2000)

A Social Critique of Reflexive Reason: Relocating Critical Theory after Habermas and Foucault

Current Position: Florida State College at Jacksonville (TT)

Joshua Finkler (2000)

Notes on the Mereology of Classes

No longer in the profession

Timothy Erdel (2000)

The Rationality of Christian Faith

Current Position: Bethel University, Indiana (tenured)

Jesus Ilundain-Agurruza (2000)

In the Realms of Art: A Conceptual Inquiry of the Genesis of the Work of Art

Current Position: Linfield College (tenured)

Kristie Hirschenberger (1999)

Sexual Assault and the Mens Rea Problem: The Empathic Approach


Keith Dromm (1999)

Rules, Rationality, and Imagination: The Role of the Primitive and Natural in Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy

Current Position: Northwestern State (tenured)

Pamela Grath (1999)

'Equivocity' and Metaphorical Meaning

No longer in the profession

Paul Saka (1998)

Meaning and the Ascription of Attitudes

Current Position: University of Texas, Rio Grande (tenured)

Kerry Ketcher (1998)

Kant and the Universal Claims of Reason

Current Position: University of St. Thomas (non-TT)

Deborah Heikes (1998)

Concepts, Content, and Consciousness: a Kantian View of Mind

Current Position: University of Alabama in Huntsville (tenured)