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Associate Professor of Classics
Associate Professor, Department Head of Philosophy
Affiliate of Center for Translation Studies

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I received my PhD in Philosophy from the Joint Classics–Philosophy Program in Ancient Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. My scholarship to date has focused primarily on Hellenistic (i.e., post–Aristotelian) philosophy. Together with Jeffrey Fish (Baylor University), I am co–editor of a volume of essays, Epicurus and the Epicurean Tradition, recently accepted for publication by Cambridge University Press. I am also finishing up work on a monograph in which I attempt to reconstruct an Epicurean theory of the emotions, paying special attention to relatively neglected treatises partially preserved among the Herculaneum papyri. In addition to my continued work inHellenistic philosophy, I have recently turned my attention to Xenophon’s Socratic writings. I am currently in the process of producing a new English translation of these (i.e., Apology, Memorabilia, Oeconomicus, and Symposium) for Hackett Publishing.

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  • Ancient Philosophy (Greek and Roman)