Christopher Gregory Weaver

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Assistant Professor of Philosophy

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  • Weaver, Christopher G. Fundamental Causation: Physics, Metaphysics, and the Deep Structure of the World. . New York: Routledge Publishers, 2018.

Book Contributions

  • Rasmussen, Joshua, and Christopher G. Weaver. "“Why is There Anything?”." Two Dozen (or so) Arguments for God: The Plantinga Project. . Ed. Jerry L. Walls and Trent Dougherty. New York: Oxford University, 2018.

Journal Articles

  • "On the Carroll-Chen Model." Journal for General Philosophy of Science 48.1 (2017): 97-124.
  • "Yet Another New Cosmological Argument ." International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 80.1 (2016): 11-31.
  • "Evilism, Moral Rationalism, and Reasons Internalism." International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 77.1 (2015): 3-24.
  • "A Church-Fitch Proof for the Universality of Causation." Synthese 190.14 (2013): 2749-2772.
  • "What Could be Caused Must Actually be Caused." Synthese 184.3 (2012): 299-317.
  • "Explanation, Entailment, and Leibnizian Cosmological Arguments." Metaphysica: International Journal for Ontology and Metaphysics 10.1 (2009): 97-108.

Research keywords

  • Philosophy of Science/Physics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion